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End of Brick & Mortar?

I think not.

If you still haven't entered a Jack Spade store you should put it on your list - they've popped up everywhere now so no excuses. Especially if you are a guy on the hunt for a cool bag.They've  successfully designed a whole bunch of carriers no man will ever be mocked for carrying (i.e. man purse). Steven Sclaroff, a Tribeca, New York based interior designer is responsible for creating these shops which transcend the vibe of a stylish, well traveled, well read gentleman.Think Wes Anderson meets a refined Zach Galifianakis -it's pretty hard not to smile there. Jack Spade echoes Sclaroff 's midas touch when it comes to projecting an offhanded eclectic interior.

Like the man himself, Mr. Sclaroff's extra dry sense of humor shines through in his quirky collection of art, thrift store finds and impressive catalog of carefully curated, often lived -in looking high end furniture. He's known for trekking across the globe to many an antique dealer, flea market and vintage shop hunting and gathering keepsake pieces often missed by the most

knowledgeable collector.

Sclaroff's private clients reward him well for his trained eye and the guaranteed authenticity he brings when called to decorate their homes, tree houses, airstream trailers or what have you. And to think at one time I made fun of him for dumpster diving - look who's laughing now!

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