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The term pioneer is thrown around pretty loosely these days. We're challenged so differently from the past. We still go where there is work to be had,  but  we may leave one territory for another for less stress or to be closer to family. This didn't happen way back when. Who left family voluntarily?! There is much to appreciate now in comparison but who can deny the quality, workmanship and craft from the early days. 









Designers picked up on on the rugged, tattered and a hint of discheveld this season. Burberry Prorsum, Isabelle Marant and 10 Crosby Derek Lam channeling the high plains drifter.... No one does blankets better than Pendelton. And as far as scents go, I've never met a Byredo fragrance that didn't transform me into some magical mystical place. The Tree House candle does just that. 



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LAUREN's faves

The Pseudotsuga menziesii better known as the Douglas Fir or Oregon Pine tree. Douglas Firs can grow as tall as 390 ft and occassionally live to be more than 1,000 years old!

I can't think of anything more crazy than this yak all done up in Hermes, but leave it to the French to make it chic! 


After battling an exceptionally freezing and record breaking snowy winter from the year prior, designers didn't take any chances this time around and let the blanket coats, cozy layers, chunky knits and shearling galore roll down the runway. It wasn't long before these hot looks made it onto the must have lists of every stylish girl with a memory of freezing her butt off and not having the right cool clothes. From the looks of it so far, Fall 2015 is headed in a similar direction.


So, GO WEST young everyone, go west and find your own wild style. It's there hiding behind sage brush and juniper trees. Channel what those who came before wish they could have worn had they the likes of the French and Brits there to design it. Protect and insulate yourself against the raw elements and as my irreverant hero Neil Young would say "keep on rockin in the free world"!

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