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In Hawaii, interiors and exterior spaces are created to feel one in the same. With this perfect climate and abundant sunshine it's nearly impossible to kill a house plant. It's easy to make a few simple changes around your place to treally hit this trend home.









Chirashi sushi at Kinchan in Honolulu. There are only 12 seats at this little gem of a sushi bar tucked away in Restaurant Row. The menu is small but you can bet on its quality. The locals swear by this place so be prepared for a bit of a wait.


LAUREN's faves

I love the iconic Hilton Waikiki rainbow ceramic tile mosaic. Recently redone, it was originally created in 1968 by artist Millard Sheets. The restoration was completed with the aid of Sheets' son Tony. 


This interior done by stylist Tina Laakkonen's Long Island home for UK Vogue feels kind of scandi-hawaiian to me. 



my lanai style

Bring some of that "laidbackness" to your back yard. Hoping your green thumb is better than hers.

Missoni Home bedding is a well worth it splurge if you can swing it. 


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