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i'm a sucker for a toe ring sandal. eew that sounds weird!

Laid back doesn't have to mean lazy or hippy dippy. Packing shouldn't be difficult either. When it comes to Hawaii you can be sure you will be surrounded by tons of color. Bold florals are on trend now and going forward for Resort 2015. I prefer to pack an equal amout of patterns and neutrals and pull my outfits together at the last moment. No one will look twice if you are wearing flipflops or stilletos to dinner. I'm especially fond of caftans and have been collecting them forever. What's great is how versatile they are simply thrown over a bikini or dressed up with jewelry.

shot by Eric Josjo for Elle Norway

The gypset  ​

LAUREN's faves

I maintain the best fashion is made up of layers that can be altered and removed, ultimately revealing a surprise underneath. This is especially true when considering the extreme climates of the tropics.

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