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 I'm crazy about bronzing sticks by Nars. Riviera and Maui work best on me. Its super moist and easy to control for cheeks and lips. I also love gradual self tanners, especially the line by Jergens (scent free). I've tried others and this does the trick and is certainly easy on the wallet by comparison. Any waterproof mascara does me fine during the day. I'm the lady who never leaves the house without mascara. I switch over to M.A.C dual mascara for evening to get my eyes to really pop. I don't know about you but i'm usually battling frizz in humid climates, so a little Morroccan Oil does wonders.

Your skin loves humidity. Well, most of the time anyway. Be prepared for the humid climate of Hawaii by allowing your skin to breath and keeping it oil free. You'll feel beautiful and your skin will thank you. Always apply makeup sparingly and of course you don't need me to remind you to apply sunscreen more often than not. Getting burned is a quick way to put the brakes on an otherwise relaxing time. Be sure to pack aloe with lanacaine just in case.









LAUREN's faves


When I've had the pleasure of working with Angelina Jolie, her hair and makeup styling was the easiest part of the shoot. She's a natural beauty and confident with or without makeup. And speaking of lips... I'm always on the hunt for the perfect neutral lip color. Right now I'm wearing Tease Me by MAC. It's a sheer plummy brown shade that works well on warm skin tones. Keep it real.

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